LGBTQ rights and activism in the society is becoming better. Now there are so many organizations that are working for the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) social movements.  These are activities which are done to give them equal rights, respect and opportunities what they deserve like other human beings.


What now is called simple LGBTQ rights has a long history this movement has started after so many incidents.  In the eighteenth and nineteenth-century if someone was Lesbian, gay or they had sex sexual behavior it was considered very serious crime which was punishable if someone was found a guilty to engage in the same sex behaviour. At the time when law announced the legal punish as death for anyone who was LGBTQ the first moment was started with an argument written by a writer in his book.  Then in the passing years, so many books and articles were published which brought this issue to the world’s attention that it is not a crime to be a Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning. This is how you were born by nature and this is how nature wanted them to be. Why the society should punish them for the crimes which they are not doing.

Modern LGBTQ Rights And Activism In The Society:

Now the things have changed there are so many organizations in all parts of the world. Third world countries are also trying to give LGBTQs their rights.  Celebrities are supporting and running campaigns for their rights the world has started to realise that these people deserve our respect just like every other human being. Laws have now given the rights to the LGBTQ to live and take benefits from the opportunities, do not fear of who they are and how they are born they are human beings and this is the thing which is most important.

Existing Challenges:

They are still so many LGBTQ fighting for their rights in the so many parts of the world. In few religions having the same-sex behavior is a strict crime and it has a death penalty that is why these countries are not able to accept the fact that they are born this way. According to the books and history,LGBTQ persons have faced punishments and challenges over the last 2000 years and this thinking and past is still not going away from them. In the past being a transgender means you have no respect and you don’t deserve the equal rights. Due to this long history and thinking getting equal rights for the LGBTQ persons is becoming more challenging.


LGBTQ persons deserve the equal rights and opportunities and there is no way we should discriminate them based on their sexual preferences or how they are born. The LGBTQ rights may not have been fully achieved in the society but the activism movements are working and, the results they may not come in a person’s full lifetime but they will come someday.

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